Keeper Telecom is implementing telecommunications projects of any scale with the provision of a full range of communication services, from high-speed Internet access, classical telephony and the lease of dedicated communication channels to complex solutions of tasks, including design, supply of equipment, the establishment of the network infrastructure, further support and maintenance of projects.


All proposed solutions are based on using the most modern equipment and technology. Qualified specialists are always ready to provide advice and to jointly find the right solution.


During its activity the group of companies "Keeper Telecom" has implemented hundreds of major projects not only in Kaliningrad region but also in other regions of Russia. Her clients include government agencies, law enforcement agencies, banks, industrial enterprises, airports, Telecom operators, enterprises of the commercial sector.


Wireless network

built using innovative communication technology, namely wireless WiMAX solutions.ePMP Cambium Networks equipment. WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) -the latest wireless standard, allowing you to transfer data over the airat high speed and over long distances.

The indisputable advantages of technology(High speed and quality of data, including voice and multimedia traffic;high degree of protection channel) put it one step ahead compared to traditionalcommunication channels.


The main advantages of the wireless network:

  • Reliability. Radio equipment ePMP Cambium Networks operates at high frequencies, provides high-quality data transmission is resistant to noise, does not depend on weather conditions. Operating temperature: -40 ° C to +55 ° C, the permissible wind speed: 190 km / h.

  • Availability. Building on the basis of WiMAX technology network enables broadband access in areas where dedicated lines are not advisable for various reasons, network, and organize communication between buildings and other objects located at a distance of 15-25 km.

  • Practicality. With the help of wireless technology, it is possible to create almost any line diagram of a communication "point to point" and access networks "point-to-multipoint", which are easily configured to meet specific performance and cost requirements.

  • Efficiency. As the speed of the equipment exceeds all modern wired modems.

  • Mobility. The ability to migrate services when moving to a new location. The equipment is easily dismantled.

  • Timing. Time of Service "turnkey" - from 4 days (depending on the geographical location of the point on and the terms of reference) .For comparison, gasket optics 45 days.


KEEPER TELECOM has the ability to connect customers, both wireless and wired technologies.


Connecting Kaliningrad phone numbers over the radio channel:

  • Providing access to the public telephone network;

  • Transfer of telephone numbers anywhere in the city and region;

  • Organization of multi-channel phone numbers with any number of lines;

  • Organization of corporate telephone network;

  • Access to long-distance and international telephone services (profitable long-distance);



Combining offices into a single corporate network:

  • rapid exchange of information between computers, servers and LANs within the enterprise and between its branches, remote offices, offices and representatives in other cities, regions and even other countries.


Organization of backup channel:

  • reserve radio data independent of wired communications, the weather conditions have a low operating cost and can be used as the primary communication channel if necessary.


Keeper Telecom has all the licenses necessary for the provision of telecommunications services: License for data transmission services, including voice information, telematic services, the services of local and intra-zone telecommunication services for the transfer of voice data in a data network (profitable long-distance) services to provide communication channels.


All equipment used in the Keeper Telecom network, certified by Certification System.


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