HYTERA - a world leader in the field of radio communication systems

Digital and analog radios, batteries and accessories, software, trunking systems, digital DMR trunking Tier III with no analogues in the world.

www.hytera.ru / www.hytera.com



COMMEND - a world leader in the field of safety and control systems

Dispatching, emergency communications, third-party systems management, system integration, software, alert, building management.

www.commend.ru / www.commend.com



IDIS - one of the world leaders in the field of video surveillance systems

IDIS company specializes in the production of video surveillance systems and offers complete solutions based on the most advanced technologies.




TAKT - radio communication systems produced in Russia

The brainchild of our friends and partners, T-Helper Telecom company is a modern radio communication equipment, software, and domestic production systems.




NORTHROP GRUMMAN Park Air Systems - professional communication systems

Park Air Systems - a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, a leading defense enterprise producing and supplying communication and security equipment. In particular, aviation range radio transmission equipment for the airports, oil platforms and much more.




SAMSUNG TECHWIN - one of the world's leading manufacturers of video surveillance systems

Since 1998, the company entered the Russian market of security systems and immediately took one of the leading places. Samsung has more than 70 years creating high-quality products and services to improve the lives and safety of people.




ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES - a world leader in the production of inventory equipment

Those are solutions in the area of inventory accounting and documents, management solutions for medical, warehouses, logistics, retail. Label printers, data collection terminals, scanners, software.




ICOM - the world leader in the production of marine, aviation and amateur radio equipment

Icom company confidently holds the leadership in the production of marine, aviation and amateur radio equipment. There are no companies associated with the sea, not using the equipment of Icom.




SCOUT - antennas for all kinds of ships, boats and yachts

Europe's leading manufacturer of professional marine antennas. Made of fiberglass, with 100% protection from moisture VHF antennas, TV antennas, Wi-Fi antennas, river antennas.




SPEECH TECHNOLOGY CENTER (RTC) is a market leader in the field of recording and warning systems

The company offers customers a wide range of solutions in the field of recording and notification of negotiations, search and analytical systems




ELEKT - Russian leading manufacturer in the field of signal loudspeaker and light-signaling equipment

Signal-loud-speaking devices, emergency lights, light panels for the needs of special services, airports, port services, construction and other organizations.




FASTBACK NETWORKS - the leading manufacturer of communication equipment

Developer and supplier of high-performance wireless solutions for the transport channels 4G / 5G LTE networks with a high-density data transmission services.




MACROSCOP - a leading domestic manufacturer of video analytics systems

Software developer for the control systems of any manufacturer, facial recognition, license plate numbers, objects




D-LINK - the world's leading manufacturer of network equipment

Is a leading global manufacturer of enterprise-class network equipment and telecommunications equipment professional technology-based Metro Ethernet, PON, xDSL, Wi-Fi.




CISCO - the world leader in networking technologies

Cisco solutions unite people, computer devices and computer networks and enable people to receive and impart information, regardless of place, time and used computer systems.




RITTAL - global leader in the manufacture of telecommunications cabinets

Today, Rittal is one of the world leaders in manufacturing telecommunication and distribution cabinets, crates, current distribution equipment.




ROXTON - leader of the Russian market in the field of alarm systems

Company ROXTON - Russian developer and manufacturer of warning systems and music broadcasting.




TKH GROUP - European leader in systems integration

TKH GROUP is an internationally active company specializing in the creation and implementation of innovative telecom, building and industrial solutions.




TRUECONF - video conferencing on any scale

The largest developer of corporate and individual products and equipment for video conferencing (VC) in Eastern Europe.



LELAS - explosion-proof and weatherproof telephones, communications systems

French manufacturer and integrator of dispatching equipment and emergency communication. The company supplies its equipment to major oil and gas corporations and production in Europe.



PICOCELL - Design, manufacture and installation of equipment to enhance cellular communication

repeaters, ready sets, line amplifiers, aerial amplifiers, wi-fi amplifiers, power strips and more.



In addition to the above vendors, the Keeper Telecom works with a number of other manufacturers such as Motorola Solutions, Vertex Standard, Standard Horizon, Yaesu, Ericsson-LG, Panasonic, Diamond, Airbus, Anli and many other leading manufacturers in the field of communications and security and offers its Customers the best prices and the highest level of service!


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Idis video surveillance systems
TAKT russian radios
Park Air Systems avia radios
Samsung Techwin
Zebra Technologies
Icom marine, avia and ham radios
Scout professional marine antennas
Speechpro alert systems
Elekt SSU and flashers
Fastback Networks solutions
Macroscop video analytics systems
D-Link switches and routers
Cisco solutions
Rittal telecommunication cabinets
Roxton alert systems
TKH Group solutions
TrueConf videoconferencing
Lelas Explosion-proof and all-weather phones
PicoCell GSM repeaters

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