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KEEPER TELECOM - telecommunication company, system integrator, service provider.


We will provide you and your company with turnkey communication and security systems, from the organization of communication channels, fiber optic lines, installation of equipment, connection of telephony and the Internet, to the delivery and configuration of automatic telephone exchanges, the organization of an operational radio communication system, video surveillance, recording of negotiations, notifications, scheduling, ACS, to ensure clear and uninterrupted operation.

In addition, we have all the licenses necessary for the provision of communication services.

Highly qualified technical specialists will perform installation and commissioning of any communication and security equipment, and will perform maintenance and repair of the equipment.

For more than 27 years of work, we have implemented a large number of projects both for government agencies and institutions, and for commercial enterprises.

Stay with us on the crest of the wave!

Video surveillance systems
Gigabit wireless channels
Radiocommunication systems
Dispatching and management
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